Our Methodology

The word "Symbiont" is derived from the term "Symbiosis" that describes a mutually beneficial and cooperative relationship. Symbiont prides itself on its ability to team with its customers and associates, and create such relationships.

Symbiont's methodolgy represents a combination of traditional techniques and innovative processes. Symbiont employs the proven managerial principles in conjunction with its own "Best Practices" when directing any software, infrastructure, or managerial-related project. The Symbiont Process examines and addresses every business area such as Business Processing, Marketing, Technical Architecture, Quality Assurance and Configuration Management. Symbiont professionals work with the client to define and achieve clear objectives for every stage of a project life cycle. From Definition to Delivery, Symbiont will provide quality service, accountability, and deliverables that are guaranteed to comply with customer specifications and standards.

Using our methodology, Symbiont focuses on ensuring timely delivery of quality service and solutions to our clients.